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Specialists in Drinking Water Filtration for Home and Business

Aqua-Tech offers a range of filtered drinking water solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

For our premium undersink (or underbench) water filter, check out our Stream filtration system. This is our product of choice for any customers who just want pure filtered water on tap.

If you live in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, our experienced technicians can install your filter system for you. They can also take care of your ongoing filtration servicing. Forget the bother of remembering to change filter cartridges, just leave it all to us!

If you prefer to install a filter system yourself, take a look at the Filtaflo range.

And we also offer a broad range of water filter cartridges, tap filters and other filtration products. For more information on our customised filter solutions, please contact us on (07) 3394 6555 and we will be glad to assist you.