Hoshizaki Ice Machines

HoshizakiHoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of ice makers. With a research and development team employing over 150 engineers, Hoshizaki claim that their high standards of design engineering and quality control give them legitimate claim to the title of "World's Number One Ice Maker".

The Hoshizaki range of ice makers includes:

  • Cube ice makers
  • Cubelet ice makers
  • Crescent ice makers
  • Flake ice makers
  • Scale ice makers
  • Ice dispensers

The products range in size from small models suitable for café and bar applications right through to large, modular, industrial ice machines.

For further information on Hoshizaki products, or if you would like to discuss your ice requirements, please contact us today on 07 3394 6555 for assistance.


 Hoshizaki 4FM-120EE-50Hoshizaki DCM-60FHoshizaki DCM-KE