Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

ice-O-Matic, Ice Pure and SimpleIce-O-Matic is a premier manufacturer of ice machines distributed worldwide. The company is part of the Scotsman Industries global family of ice related products, so they are linked to the world's largest manufacturer of commercial ice machines. But as indicated by their slogan, Ice-O-Matic's approach to the subject of ice is a no-brainer: Ice that's pure and ice makers that are simple.

The Ice-O-Matic range of ice systems includes the following products:

  • Self-contained gourmet ice makers
  • Self-contained cube ice makers
  • Cube ice makers
  • Flake ice makers
  • Hotel ice dispensers
  • Ice storage bins

These products come in various sizes and capacities to suit a range of applications and industry needs.

For further information on Ice-O-Matic products, or if you would like to discuss your ice requirements, please contact us today on 07 3394 6555 for assistance.


Ice-o-matic B120Ice-o-matic MFI-GEM-48