Stream Sparkling Water Dispensers

Stream-Club CL110

Club CL110

The Premium Option

  • Touch button
  • 80 L instant capacity

Stream Club CL55

Club CL55

The Professional Option

  • Lever -style taps
  • 80 L instant capacity

Stream Slimline SL28

Slimline SL28

The Smart Option

  • Touch-button
  • 24 L/hr capacity

Stream Chill CH270

Chill CH270

The Underbench Option

  • Benchtop tap
  • 24 L/hr capacity


Stream SparklingStream Sparkling Water

Stream Sparkling Water Machines for Instant Refreshment

Stream Sparkling WaterIntroducing Aqua-Tech's premium selection of Stream sparkling carbonated water machines. Experience the convenience of fizzy, bubbly sparkling water on tap. Stream carbonated water makers provide unparalelled refreshment, instantly!

Carbonated water has long been an integral part of European culinary culture. And the trend is beginning to take hold here in Australia.

Not only is sparkling water a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks, it's also more invigorating and stimulating than ordinary drinking water. But Stream sparkling water machines offer all three options to suit everyone's taste: chilled, ambient or sparkling water.

Ideal for home or office use, as well as restaurants, cafes and clubs. Whether providing for your staff, your customers or your family, Stream sparkling water machines offer unparalleled convenience and freedom of choice.

Select one of the above options for more information. Or contact us today on (07) 3394 6555 to speak with one of our friendly customer service specialists.