Stream Chill Underbench Water Dispensers

Stream ChillStream Chill


The Discrete, Convenient Undersink Solution for Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling Drinking Water

Stream Chill is the logical solution for any under-bench, under-sink or under-counter application. While the appliance hides away neatly beneath the bench, the dispenser tap is conveniently mounted to the sink or benchtop.

The underbench method offers easy access to an endless supply of chilled, ambient and sparking drinking water without sacrificing valuable benchtop space. No ugly appliances to worry about either. With only the dispenser tap visible, Stream Chill blends seamless with your kitchen décor.

  • Appliances made from stainless steel
  • Optional tap designs available
  • Adjustable temperature controls provide additional level of practicality

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European made. Carefully selected to suit the needs of Australian people.


Stream CHILL CH80


Chilling capacity 10 L/hr
Dimensions 345 x 195 x 380mm (HxWxD)
Silver Turbo Clean cooling system, improved hygiene and energy efficiency

Chilled Water Ambient Water  

Stream CHILL CH270


Special 3-way dispenser tap for chilled, ambient and sparkling water
Chilling capacity 20 L/hr
Dimensions 385 x 240 x 325mm (HxWxD)
Silver Turbo Clean cooling system, improved hygiene and energy efficiency

Chilled Water Ambient Water Sparkling Water 



Stream CHILL CH240


Instant chilling system for continuous delivery
Chilling capacity 24 L/hr
Dimensions 375 x 235 x 380mm (HxWxD)
High Performance Direct Chill (HDPC) cooling technology, maximum performance and energy efficiency

Chilled Water  Ambient Water