Platinum Breakstation

Stream Platinum

The Platinum breakstation is the perfect complement to any of the freestanding Platinum drinking water dispensers.

The heat-resistant surface provides a very suitable location for a coffee machine or other appliance. It also makes a practical work surface, very conveniently positioned.

Platinum BreakstationFor ease of storage, the cabinet provides plenty of room for supplies: coffee, sugar, napkins and spare drinking cups can all be stowed away here. The lockable door offers the security you need, along with a magnetic latch for ease of use.

Twin cup dispensers, neatly recessed into the cabinet, make your drinking cups very accessible.

  • Recessed cup dispenser x 2, spring activated
  • Benchtop size 38cm D x 72cm W
  • Cabinet size 38cm D x 40cm W x 110cm H