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Fountain Coated Steel Water Coolers

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Chilled Water Dispenser Drinking Stations

The Fountain coated steel water chillers conveniently offer an instant supply of pure, chilled drinking water, dispensed either through the bubbler tap or a glass filler tap.

These products combine high performance with industrial strength and durability, delivering a sturdier solution for heavy-duty and high-usage applications. They are ideal for mines, factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, schools, libraries and much more. The neat coated steel finish provides a product ideally suited for use in any standard, non-corrosive areas.
Fountain powder coated water coolers

Where the Fountain appliance differs from other water coolers in our range is that they are connected not only to water supply, but also to drainage. Any excess water is instantly sent to waste rather than accumulating in a drip tray which has to be emptied periodically.


  TC30 TC16 TC8
Chilling Capacity 30 L/hr 16 L/hr  8 L/hr
Turbo Clean Cooling System  yes  yes  yes
Coated Steel Outer Casing  yes  yes  yes
Bubbler Tap  yes  yes  yes
Glass Filler Tap  Optional  Optional  Optional
Advanced Filtration System  Optional  Optional  Optional
Overall Dimensions
W x D x H (mm)
 315 x 315 x 11165
(incl Glass filler Tap)
 315 x 315 x 1165
(incl Glass filler Tap)
 315 x 315 x 1165
(incl Glass filler Tap)
Made in Europe  yes  yes  yes

Silver Turbo Clean Cooling System
The Silver Turbo Clean cooling technology is designed to eliminate all possibility of stagnation, thereby providing safer and healthier drinking water. Silver is long known for its anti-bacterial benefits and its function assists to maintain water quality.

This exclusive cooling method also increases the efficiency of the heat exchange process, making the system more energy efficient.

Photograph respresents TC30 and TC16 models.  TC8 images available upon request.

Two stage filtrationStream Advanced Multistage Filtration
Available as an option for TC16 and TC30 drinking fountains; our advanced two-stage filtration system is neatly contained within the lower compartment of the cooler. Source water passes through the filtration stages to produce a drinking water of exceptional quality and taste.

This filtration process removes fine particles from the source water, including dirt, rust, sand and scale. In addition, such items as Giardia Cysts, Cryptosporidium and some harmful chemicals (ie: chlorine) are removed. Plus taste enhanced and any odours reduced; resulting in clear, cool, refreshing drinking water.

Please note that the TC8 is an “economy” model, ideal for low demand areas. These Fountains do differ slightly to other models, in appearance, specification and options.

Filtration system depict is suitable for use with TC16 and TC30 models.
TC8 model requires a different type of filter system - details available upon request.


With over 20 years of experience in the drinking water industry, Aqua-Tech has earned a reputation for the highest quality products and the most reliable service. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. 

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